Working at Heights in South Africa – Insights from PSG’s Dylan Sutherland Part 1

Let's Talk Safety - Episode 3

Join us for an introduction to working at heights in South Africa. In part 1 of this episode, we focus on the unique challenges, risks, and the critical importance of comprehensive on-site assessments. Our work at height expert discusses the ABCDE and F framework of height safety, what to consider when selecting a training provider for your work at height training and the need for on-going training to remain up to date.

This episode is packed with expert advice and practical tips to ensure the correct training provided is selected along with the right fit for purpose fall protection equipment.

Are you a safety officer, procurement manager or a professional involved in workplace health and safety? Then this podcast is for you.


1. Challenges and risks when working at heights

  • Understanding site-specific challenges
  • The role of on-site assessments

2. ABCDE and F of work at heights

  • Important factors to consider

3. Education and Training when working at height

  • Continuous education beyond certification
  • Practical experience and site-specific training
  • Simulations in controlled environments
  • Unit Standards



That’s all the time we have for this session, in the second part of this interview we will be discussing selection, service and maintenance of fall protection equipment along with an in-depth look at rescue training.

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