Working at Heights in South Africa – Insights from PSG’s Dylan Sutherland Part 2

Let's Talk Safety - Episode 4

Join us for part 2 of working at heights in South Africa. In this episode, we focus on preparing for rescue situations, how frequently your safety gear needs to be inspected, and discuss the importance of proper maintenance, whilst knowing when to replace equipment and most importantly how to safely discard this equipment. We’ll guide you through choosing the right harness, understanding its lifespan, and considering environmental factors that affect your safety equipment.

Are you a safety officer, procurement manager or a professional involved in workplace health and safety? Then this podcast is for you.


1. Rescue Scenarios

2. Equipment Inspections Frequency

3. Maintenance

  • Equipment with a one-time use
  • Harness and Webbing Components
  • Impact Indicators
  • Servicing lifelines
  • Repair vs. discard
  • Certifications

4. Fall Protection Selection

  • Selecting a Harness
  • Harness Durability
  • Environmental Considerations

5. Isolation Risks

6. Comprehensive Fall Protection Solutions



If you missed Part 1 of this two part series, where we focus on the unique challenges, risks, and the critical importance of comprehensive on-site assessments for working at heights, you can listen to it HERE.

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