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Navigating Disposable Respirators: Insights From 3M’s Rani Naidoo

Our new “Let’s Talk Safety” podcast with Protekta Safety Gear focuses on key PPE insights for respiratory protection, from selection to care, helping ensure site-specific safety solutions are implemented effectively.

Key Considerations for Procurement Managers Buying Respiratory Protection

Procurement managers ensure worker safety through careful selection of PPE, emphasising the work environment’s needs, mask suitability, regulatory compliance, cost-effectiveness, supplier reliability, and the importance of training and support.

Respiratory Protection and Understanding Disposable vs Reusable Products

Understanding the different options when selecting Respiratory Protection: Disposable Protection This is PPE which is designed for ‘once off use’. They have a certain number of hours safe use, which could be 1 shift (8hours) or even less and then must be disposed of and a new unit used. Pro’s: This is a low-cost unit […]

What is the Use of Respiratory Protection

As seen above, Respiratory Protection is a part of Personal Protective Equipment  (PPE) used to keep one safe when working in a harmful/dangerous environment. As with ANY PPE used – It should always be the last resort. The Hierarchy of control measures go from most desirable option to least – We will use COVID19 as […]