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Comprehensive SETA accredited and IWH accredited Work at Heights Training Courses in South Africa

Training is certified by SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) and registered with the IWH (Institution of Working at Heights).

Fall Protection Training

Basic Fall Arrest Technician (NQF – US229998)
Fall Arrest Technician (NQF – US229998 + US229995)
Fall Protection Plan Developer (NQF – US229994)
Dropping Tools – Python (CPD)
Ladder Training (CPD)
Fall Protection Workshops (CPD)

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LOBO Advanced
Platform Training

Lobo Builder (LNQ)
Lobo Inspector and User (LNQ)

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Practical, Hands-On Experience

Practical experience is essential for training competent learners. Our training centre is designed to offer simulations that closely mirror real-world scenarios, whilst keeping training sessions simple and easy to understand, ensuring candidates leave our facility with a greater understanding and appreciation of working safely at heights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does my certification last?

We issue a license, which expires in 3 years to ensure the person working at heights is Current. In 3 years a lot can change, if there is advancement in solutions, legislation or best practice this will be shared in a refresher course. The other reason for this is in the event a person worked at heights for a month after training and then not again in 4 years – they must be deemed competent to ensure they will not injure themselves or colleagues when working at heights.

Training courses vary from 1 day to 1 week. The information can be found in the ‘training information breakdown’.

Coffee, Tea, Water and Biscuits will be offered throughout the training sessions. But we do not provide lunch. There is however a shopping centre 200m up the road with an abundance of choices for lunch.

Yes – We can arrange for our team to be on site. There are requirements from our side to perform training on site such as an adequately sized training classroom as well as structure which can be used for practical’s. This is shared in pre-requisites when booking.

Work at Heights is a Physical activity which involves putting on equipment and using the equipment in a safe manner. Deeming a person competent online is not ensuring they are able to perform the High-Risk activity safely in real life and would be doing the person performing this work a disservice as they would be in danger.

Depending on the course there are minimums and maximums. Ranging from a minimum of 5-8, depending on course and maximum of 5-15 depending on course. The reason for the maximum is to ensure each learner gets appropriate attention during the course to ensure they are given the best opportunity to be deemed competent at the end of the course.

All courses are run in English and the candidates must be able to read, write and understand English as a minimum. They must also bring a certified copy of their ID(no older than 3 months) and a medical certificate which deems them Fit to work at heights. This information is shared upon beginning the booking process.


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