Mitigating Risks When Working at Heights

Working at heights involves inherent risks that necessitate proactive measures to ensure safety.

Here are 3 steps to follow prior to working at height to mitigate these risks, based on industry best practices:

STEP 1: Fall Protection Plan – LEGAL REQUIREMENT

Have a site & task specific plan to guide those working at heights to remain safe. This is a legal compliance and should be compiled by a subject matter expert. Site-specific assessments are crucial for identifying and mitigating potential risks. Request a specialist to visit your site.

STEP 2: Training

Ensure that people conducting the job at height have certified training in line with the job/task at hand. The training has to be certified to the correct standard. We recommend selecting a work at height training provider that incorporates customised practical safety strategies that fit your specific needs of the job site as part of the training session. Practical, hands-on training will familiarise workers with the equipment and scenarios they will encounter.

STEP 3: Equipment

Only use equipment that is specific to the task and area where work will be performed. Select the appropriate fall protection gear and plan for potential hazards. Equipment must be certified correctly to keep workers safe. View fall protection equipment options.

Important note: Implement a culture of continuous learning. Regular training updates and safety drills can help prevent accidents by keeping safety front of mind.

Always try to remove the risk of falling at all costs. This would remove the need for PPE and rescues pertaining to falls.


Work with us to keep workers safe and minimise downtime. Let Protekta Safety Gear assist with fall protection planning, training and fall protection equipment. As the official 3M Fall protection partner in Africa, we focus on fit for purpose solutions that adhere to the correct standards.

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