Rescue Training Work at Heights

Work at Heights: The Importance of Efficiency in Rescues

SPEED: When you speak about a Rescue being performed once a person has fallen, the general comment will be about time. The rule is the victim could experience Suspension Trauma anywhere from 5 minutes after [...]

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Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection and Understanding Disposable vs Reusable Products

Understanding the different options when selecting Respiratory Protection: Disposable Protection This is PPE which is designed for ‘once off use’. They have a certain number of hours safe use, which could be 1 shift (8hours) [...]

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Confined Space Work at Heights

Confined Space and Selecting the Correct Equipment for Entry

HISTORIC SELECTION The general selection to equipment when it comes to entry gear has been a Tripod, as can be seen in the example above. This is assuming the people actually use gear. The tripod [...]

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Personal Protective Equipment Respiratory Protection

What is the Use of Respiratory Protection

As seen above, Respiratory Protection is a part of Personal Protective Equipment  (PPE) used to keep one safe when working in a harmful/dangerous environment. As with ANY PPE used – It should always be the [...]

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