Respiratory Protection and Understanding Disposable vs Reusable Products

Understanding the different options when selecting Respiratory Protection: Disposable Protection This is PPE which is designed for ‘once off use’. They have a certain number of hours safe use, which could be 1 shift (8hours) or even less and then must be disposed of and a new unit used. Pro’s: This is a low-cost unit […]

Confined Space and Selecting the Correct Equipment for Entry

HISTORIC SELECTION The general selection to equipment when it comes to entry gear has been a Tripod, as can be seen in the example above. This is assuming the people actually use gear. The tripod is great as it creates height for an anchor point where the user is able to create a system to […]

What is the Use of Respiratory Protection

As seen above, Respiratory Protection is a part of Personal Protective Equipment  (PPE) used to keep one safe when working in a harmful/dangerous environment. As with ANY PPE used – It should always be the last resort. The Hierarchy of control measures go from most desirable option to least – We will use COVID19 as […]

Understanding the Basics of Lockout and Tagout

What Lockout / Tagout is: When it comes to both life and business, energy matters! Whether it is wind energy, electricity, gasoline powered engines or the energy that fuels our bodies, we depend on energy to function. Energy, however, is extremely dangerous and even fatal when not controlled. Being able to switch a plug on […]

Anchor Point and Lifeline Installation Into Suitable Structures

A common challenge we find when our clients need to setup Anchor Points or Lifelines is where to safely connect. There are different types of Anchor points, in this article we will be covering Permanent Anchors specifically. Let us keep in mind the entire fall arrest system is subjected to vicious dynamic forces whilst arresting […]

Working at Height Rescue Plans and Considerations

We have covered a number of topics which circle this one but it is, to this day, a huge miss to the majority of South Africans Working at Heights. The topic of this issue is Rescue Plans and Considerations. A couple of points to note before getting onto this subject: The rescue team must know […]

Understanding the Hierarchy of Fall Protection

You would think that the first and most important piece of equipment that should be issued to someone who needs to perform a duty at heights is, without a doubt, a Safety Harness and Lanyard. Simply issuing PPE equipment isn’t necessarily the “safest” course of action though. There are two important factors that need to […]

Understanding Fall Clearance

There is a significant lack of information, education and consideration given to systems, procedures and general fall clearance awareness. I want to share a story from a recent encounter I had on a massive site we are assisting – The reason I think this story is so valuable to share is that it is a […]

The danger of Dropping Tools in the Workplace

When people are required to work at heights the focus is largely on people falling from heights as the main danger. This we are finding has changed quite significantly and followed close behind Falls, Trips and Slips is Falling Objects. It is extremely difficult to find complete official reports and statistics in South Africa regarding […]