Navigating Reusable Respirators: Insights from 3M’s Rani Naidoo Part 2

Let's Talk Safety - Episode 2

Join us as we discuss the lifespan of reusable respirators, underscore the critical role of fit testing, and the necessity of routine checks to ensure optimal protection. Our discussion further extends into care, maintenance, and storage practices for reusable masks, ensuring their effectiveness and longevity. Plus, we provide expert guidance on the certifications vital for procuring the right respiratory protection.

This episode is packed with expert advice and practical tips to ensure the correct fit for purpose respirator is selected.

Are you a safety officer, procurement manager or a professional involved in workplace health and safety? Then this podcast is for you.


1. Respirator lifespan and use

  • Disposable vs. Reusable Respirators
  • Filter replacement analysis

2. Fit testing and training

  • Importance of fit testing
  • Routine fit checks

3. Reusable respirators: benefits and maintenance

  • Advantages of reusable respirators
  • Maintenance and storage

4. Understanding respirator certification and counterfeits

  • Counterfeit products
  • Procurement and certification verification

5. Safety practices

  • Shaving requirements for respirator use

6. Personal experiences and safety advocacy

  • Advocating for proper PPE use


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If you missed the first part of this interview you can listen to episode 1 – Navigating Disposable Respirators: Insights From 3M’s Rani Naidoo that includes a comprehensive discussion on disposable respiratory protection, standards, selecting appropriate respiratory protection, why fit testing is important, and debunk a common myth around respiratory gear.

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