Navigating Disposable Respirators: Insights From 3M’s Rani Naidoo Part 1

Let's Talk Safety - Episode 1

Join us as we discuss the difference between FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3 disposable masks, the importance of fit testing and regulatory compliance when selecting disposable masks and explore the significant impact that the 2019 silicosis lawsuit had on PPE in South Africa.

This episode is packed with expert advice and practical tips to ensure the correct fit for purpose respirator is selected.

Are you a safety officer, procurement manager or a professional involved in workplace health and safety? Then this podcast is for you.


  1. Introduction to 3M
  2. 2019 Silicosis lawsuit and the impact it had on the safety industry in South Africa
  3. The importance of fit testing of respirators
  4. How to select a disposable respirator
  5. Different categories of disposable respirators (FFP 1vs FFP2 vs FFP3)
  6. Best respirator option for mines
  7. South Africa respiratory standards and regulations
  8. Applications of disposable masks
  9. Lifespan of disposable masks and factors to consider
  10. Importance of on site AIA assessments
  11. Debunking a common myth surrounding respirators on site


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That’s all the time we have for this session, in the second part of this interview in episode 2 we will be discussing how reusable respirators increase safety and how they could potentially save your company money whilst doing so. 

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