PPE Hand protection: Choosing The Right Safety Glove For Your Site Part 2

Let's Talk Safety - Episode 8

Join us for part 2 on safety glove selection, where we explore the latest advancements in safety gloves, focusing on materials, dipping techniques, and the importance of proper fit. Neels Coetzee and Dylan Sutherland from Protekta Safety Gear discuss how different coatings and glove constructions impact performance and safety, as well as advise on the best type of glove per industry.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone responsible for selecting safety gloves, offering valuable insights and practical advice to ensure optimal protection.


  1. Different types of glove dips (latex, nitrile, sandy nitrile) and their applications
  2. The importance of glove breathability and moisture management
  3. Common misconceptions about glove protection
  4. The role of the glove shell versus the dip in providing protection
  5. Importance of proper glove fit for safety and productivity
  6. Industry-specific glove recommendations (construction, manufacturing, mining)


Download our safety gloves sizing chart below or view a selection of our safety gloves online.

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