PPE Eye Protection: Expert Insights from uvex Safety’s Christo Nel Part 1

Let's Talk Safety - Episode 5

Join us as we discuss the key considerations when selecting eye protection, the importance of choosing the correct safety solutions per industry, and the challenges of navigating industry changes during the COVID-19 era.

This episode is packed with expert insights and practical advice on selecting the correct eye protection (PPE) and implementing effective safety strategies.

Are you a safety officer, procurement manager or a professional involved in workplace health and safety? Then this podcast is for you.


1. Fit for purpose eye protection.

  • Importance of fitting safety solutions to specific industries and regions

2. Challenges in the safety industry

  • Adapting to changes after COVID-19
  • Navigating industry impacts and transitioning leadership

3. Technical aspects of eye protection

  • Development of eye protection safety products
  • Importance of product fit and compatibility with other safety gear

4. Economic and Environmental Considerations

  • Balancing cost and quality in eye protection
  • Long-term cost versus initial price in selecting eye protection safety products

5. Educational Initiatives and Corporate Responsibility

  • Training programs and partnerships
  • Aligning company values with safety outcomes

6. Future direction of eye protection

  • Innovations in safety equipment and practices
  • The role of safety in corporate strategy and employee welfare



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Don’t miss part 2 where we will be talking about eye protection standards in South Africa.

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