How to Comply with Eye Protection Standards in South Africa

In South Africa, local standards for eyewear align with the European EN166, adopted as SANS 50166:2018. This adoption ensures that safety eyewear in South Africa meets rigorous international criteria, identifiable by the transition of the EN-standard number to the SANS prefix. 

But how can you make sure that you meet the eyewear standards in South Africa? We have provided a quick summary below.

Protect your team’s vision by meeting local SANS/EN standards for eye protection:

  • Check the product for EN standard markings on both the lens and the frame.
  • Obtain and keep the EN Test Certificate from the manufacturer for your records.
  • Make sure the eyewear model you choose is suitable for its intended use.

Markings on the lenses:

  • UV, sun glare and IR infrared filters
  • lens shades
  • Identification of the manufacturer
  • Optical class – refers to the clarity of the lens and its lack of distortion.
  • Symbol for mechanical strength – indicates the lens’s ability to withstand impact at certain speeds.

Markings on the frame:

  • Identification of the manufacturer
  • Number of the EN standard
  • Application areas (refer to diagram)
  • Resistance to high speed particles (Mechanical strength)

Please note: There is an expected change to the EN standards in late 2024, let us know if you need further information and assistance to ensure that you are compliant.

Read a summary of the regulation HERE.

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